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[Update] Roly Poly Penguin 1.1 – Mix and Match Pippo in Style

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We got an awesome news. Roly Poly Penguin is now updated with more interesting feature. One of the most wanted feature is “Mix and Match Pippo in Style.” Since we launched Roly Poly Penguin in 26th February 2014, there are a lot of feedbacks from Roly Poly Penguin’s users. We are very happy to hear many interesting feedback, and one of them is the costume feature for Pippo. So, what are you waiting for. Download now Roly Poly Penguin version 1.1 with “Mix and Match Pippo in Style” new feature on Windows Phone Store, Google Play, and Nokia Store (or open this link: Download Roly Poly Penguin ).

Press Release Roly Poly Penguin

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press conference RILIS

The fact that casual games engross mobile device enthusiast community nowadays is the reason that Arsanesia releases a new casual game called “Roly Poly Penguin”. This game created by a game studio from Bandung, Indonesia, selected a very cute penguin character named Pippo as its main character.

In this game, every player has to feed Pippo with its favorite food, fish. Feeding Pippo comes with an unusual way, matching the color of fishes on the screen with connecting minimum three similar nearby fishes using pan gesture. The existing of special fishes such as laser fish, bomb fish and thunder fish opens up for variation and difficulty level in the game.

Roly Poly Penguin is a game that playable for every group of age and very easy to learn. Roly Poly Penguin is already available on Windows Phone Store, Nokia Store and Google Play Store. Soon, it also will be available for iOS in ITunes AppStore.

Download press kit here.