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Arsanesia derives its name from ‘Arsa’ (Sanskrit for happiness) and ‘Nesia’ (Greek for island), an independent game development studio based in Indonesia. As a team of 15 passionate individuals, Arsanesia has created games that bring joy and connect people since its inception in 2011.

The company’s vision embodies the essence of its name – to create lighthearted and engaging games that serve as ‘islands of happiness’ for players worldwide. Arsanesia continues to be a creative force in the gaming industry, known for its innovative approach to gameplay and dedication to delivering memorable gaming experiences.

Our Vision

Create a place to bring joy and people together.

Our Mission

Give players a memorable moment to connect and bond with collaborative play.


In 2010, Our Founder, Adam Ardisasmita joined the Nokia app and game development competition and developed the Gamelan (Javanese traditional music instrument) Player app for Symbian OS that became the forerunner of Arsanesia.

Arsanesia was first initiated and founded by Adam Ardisasmita, Dea Renata, Khairul Annas, M. Hazki, dan Ikhsandana Siregar, Students of the School of Electrical and Informatics Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) on April 2nd 2011. In this period, Arsanesia developed a lot of games for the Nokia Platform, Symbian, and J2ME, such as Temple Rush Prambanan and Little Lea.

From left to right: Hazki - Annas - Dea - Adam - Dana
Chairul (Left) & Adam (Right) at Unity Singapore 2017

In 2013, Arsanesia officially incorporated as PT. Arsa Grup Indonesia by Adam Ardisamsita with Chairul Ichsan, a friend of Adam in the School of Electrical and Informatics Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) as Co-Founder. Arsanesia partnered with Nokia to develop a lot of apps for their partner.

In 2014, as the world moved to a new smart platform, Arsanesia expanded its platform by developing for Windows Phone and released Roly Poly Penguin. Pippo, the main character of Roly Poly Penguin became Arsanesia’s mascot for a while for future product and marketing material.

Arsanesia team showcasing Roly Poly Penguin on Nokia Developer event
Screenshot of Arsa Kids: Learn with Pippo

In 2015, Arsanesia established a new business unit that focused on early childhood education games under the Arsa Kids brand with Pippo as the main character in most of the games.

Getting investment from Discovery Nusantara Capital in 2017, enabled Arsanesia to expand the team and start developing Android Games, Summer Town.

In 2021, Summer Town was released on Android.

From Left to Right: Lorin Gan (DNC), Irene Umar (DNC), Adam Ardisasmita (Arsanesia), & Chairul Ichsan (Arsanesia)
Project UNSEEK Key Art

In 2022, expanding the team to 16, and started experimenting with PC games development.

Released their first ever PC game, Project UNSEEK on November 2023.






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