[New Update] Summer Town BETA 1.0.5 Update Log

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Dear Summer Town Citizen!

We’re sorry for the long wait! Mayor Pippo proudly announces significant updates on version 1.0.5 :

Feature Update :

  • The long awaited, mandatory feature has arrived: ADDITIONAL ROOMS. You can add up to 4 rooms in total, unlocked by level progression
  • We also increase room’s space width for your maximum creative freedom!

WARNING: Old players may experience messy layout of wallpaper & tile due to increased space after the update

Gameplay Improvement :

  • Rebalanced XP gain
  • Cute animations in Pet customization (Salon, Wardrobe, Boutique, Accessory Shop) whenever you change your Pet’s appearance
  • Shortened tutorial
  • Bright green indicator! : to increase visibility of item placement in Edit Mode
  • Rebalanced income from Mini-games
  • Improvements on Bakery Mini-game, max item per type is only 1 instead of 3 (it feels tedious when you have to input same item several times :P)
  • Several UI improvements

Bug Fix  :

  • Fixed several back key issues
  • Add time countdown for Part-time
  • Fixed Boutique/Accessory scrollbar issue

Phew, what a long read is it? As a hardworking Mayor, I’m so proud of myself! Okay dear citizen, we hope you enjoy our update. Please stay tune for next upcoming major updates!

Warm regards,

Mayor Pippo


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