Summer Town Development Update 1.0.8 [Closed Alpha]

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Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of updates. We hope you guys in good condition!

After long hiatus, we’re happy to announce that Summer Town is back in development! We’re working hard in this uncertain situation, and happy to report that built 1.0.8 is almost ready, and we hope you can join the closed beta testing phase near soon. But, you can register early* and we’ll email you when the built is ready!

If you’re new here, or somehow forgot about Summer Town, here’s a quick summary:

Summer Town is a social simulation game where you live in an anthropomorphic animal town called Summer Town.  You can do various activities, including fishing, collecting items, earning money, and expressing yourself with a wide selection of clothes and furniture that you can buy and craft. You can watch the trailer here.

Meanwhile, please take a look at a couple of changes we made so far!

  • Order Board

Ship items you gathered from fishing and gardening to get money and exp point. Also, the order board now becomes your main way to level up. You can access it in Trade Hut (Fello’s Place).

  • Gardening

Now we deliver you everyone’s favorite mechanics, GARDENING. Grow various fruits & vegetables, you can ship them to the order board as well~

  • Venture

Send Fello the cat to help you gather valuable rare materials!

  • Crafting

Craft your unique furnishings & stylish clothes from the materials you have gathered! Ask newly introduced crafter NPC in the town to craft it for you!

  •  Gameplay Improvements

To create more fun gameplay, we need to add and remove certain gameplay elements. Other than the changes we already mentioned above, we need to remove the pet’s status, including all things related to it.

  • Improved User Interface

For a better user experience and gameplay flow, we changed a lot (WE MEANS A LOT) of the user interface.

Here’s all the update we’ve done so far:

  1. Big User Interface improvements

  2. Removal of pet’s status maintain mechanic

  3. Removal of minigame for greater focus in main gameplay experiences

  4. Removal of Fun & Hygiene gain from the item

  5. Add new feature Gardening & Venture

  6. Add Crafting feature

  7. Simplified town building

  8. Social feature temporarily unavailable (under redesign)

  9. Tutorial simplified & optimized

Hope you can join the fun in Summer Town soon! Don’t forget to register here for built 1.0.8 closed alpha access*!

Also, You can now join the Summer Town Official Community Group on Facebook for more direct interaction with the devs and other players, early access, exclusive promos, and more!

See you in Summer Town~

*Only available in Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, United States, and Canada.


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