Summer Town Early Access Update 1.0.11

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Hello folks! It’s almost the End of the Year!

We’re happy to announce patch 1.0.11 is ready to play! Sorry, it took us longer to deliver. It’s a massive update; a lot of work we need to do, and we don’t want to provide a buggy and messy experience for you, the player. Thanks to your feedback, we’re able to understand better what we need to improve and fix.

So what’s we improve and fix in update 1.0.11:

  • More Robust Tutorial

We try to improve the tutorial to introduce the mechanic of the game better than before. We hope you can understand the tutorial well enough and get a clear understanding of what you can and will do in this game.

  • Player Quest

Yes, now you’re not aimless anymore because we implement Player Quest! Fulfill the quest and get the reward!

  • Store Item Rotation

Now, the items in the store will have rotation mechanics on them. That means the items in the store will change daily. Yes, that also means you need to check the store daily to get the thing you want.

  • Feedback Button

Now you can directly submit your feedback in the game just using the feedback button. No more hassle!

  • Improved UI and UX

We try to improve overall gameplay and user interface to create a better playing experience in almost every update.

  • Bug Fixes

We try to squash and kill as many bugs we found as much as possible. It’s like trying to find a needle in the haystack, but we try our best okay.


We’re moving the Summer Town iOS Test Flight Page to this link from now on:

The old page is always mean for internal use only. We decided it would be best to start interacting with users and distributing all later updates to the final version and beyond using the right pages.

If you’re a new user, there’s no difference. Just download and play. But, if you already played version 1.0.10 or below, you might need to redownload and reinstall it from the new store page. This move also means your progress will not carry through to the latest built, and you need to restart from the tutorial. We suggest you delete the old Summer Town App first to minimize confusion.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Download Summer Town 1.0.11 here:



*iOS user need to install via Testflight App

We always try to improve the game in this early access phase. Please help us improve by suggesting your feedback and report bugs you found via this form:

Have a fun and safe holiday, folks! Peace!

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