Come and play with Mayor Pippo in the amazing Summer Town!

Escape your ordinary routine and experience a fabulous lifestyle as a resident of Summer Town!

Bring your pet to life!

Express your personality through cute virtual pet of your own! Look after their needs such as hunger, entertainment and hygiene needs! Buy clothes, accessories, get some hair cut and don’t forget to match their home with your already fabulous hand picked attire. Become the most stylish of them all!

Explore Summer Town!

There are plenty of wonderful stores to explore across Summer Town! Have a shopping spree with abundant selections of decorations, wallpapers, electronics, clothing accessories & many more! Interact with Summer Town residents, accept their quests and get to know them further!

Decorate your house!

While you can earn quite the living by fishing, collecting and selling Special Fish will get you a bigger income.

Earn Money by Fishing & Part-timing!

Fishing is the main source of income in Summer Town! While you can earn quite the living by fishing, collecting and selling Special Fish will get you a bigger earnings! Part-time jobs are also available in some citizen’s store’s so you can earn that extra cash.

Make your life in Summer Town more exciting with friends!

You and your friends will be able to visit as neighbours and show off one another’s houses in Summer Town! You will also be able to trade awesome items with social points earned from socializing with your friends too!


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