Reality Chain

Multi-Chain, Multi-Engine, Metaverse as-a-Service

Reality Chain is an award-winning Social Metaverse that seeks to give you a non-immersive Metaverse experience with the power of Web 3.0. A Metaverse shouldn’t replace your social interactions; and instead, it should be a complementary part of your social life. Reality Chain’s Metaverse provides a “casual” experience while still giving you the benefit of owning pieces of it as NFTs.


One whole Metaverse. Walk, fly, or ride from one location to another without loading screens.


Modifier tokens instantly change your in-world experience, shifting you to other worlds on the same blockchain.

User Owned

Every in-world asset, including spatial assets like land, is an NFT owned by users.


Mobile first, light, quick loading times, and browser-based. Users can jump in any time without logging in.


A relaxed in-world experience that allows you to multitask Metaverse & IRL.

Even building is a casual, in-world activity.

Dynamic NFTs (wishlist)

Create NFTs that are linked with IRL data.

*Screenshot from development build, NFT artworks displayed in gameplay only used for testing purpose.


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