Welcome to Summer Town! Place full of joy, where everyday is a summer holiday!

Escape your daily life! Come and create your own adventures as a resident of Summer

Bring your pet to life!
Create a pet of your own imagination! Fulfill its food, entertainment, and hygiene needs! Buy
clothing, accessories, get some haircut, and become the most stylish of them all!

Explore the city of Summer Town!
Explore the city! Buy clothing, accessories, electronics, and many more from our plenty
selections of stores!
Don’t forget to interact with other Summer Town residents to get to know them further!

Decorate your house!
Build your dream house! Mix, and match your interior with plenty of options you can choose,
from flooring to gadgets! Interact and play with items to fulfill your pet’s needs!

Fish your way to wealth!
Fishing gives you money and (of course) Fish! Upgrade fishing rod to earn more money and
discover rare fish!


  • Customize your pet appearance
  • Dress up your pet with 165+ types of stylist clothing and accessories
  • Decorate your interior with 300+ decoration items
  • Discover 18 types of fishes to get food ingredients [Coming Soon] and money
  • Upgrade rod to earn fish and money
  • Cook [Coming soon] and feed your pet with 10 types if foods
  • Interact and play with your items to fulfill your pet’s needs


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