Summer Town Development Update 1.0.9 [Closed Alpha]

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Hi everyone, it’s been a week! How’s your gameplay going? We hope you had a good time!

We’re excited to tell you that the new update is ready [ver 1.0.9]! There are some things we changed in this version!

Please take a look at some of the most notable things we’ve updated so far:

  • Simplified Map


We think the map interaction and user journey to buy things in multiple stores is a bit redundant. So we decided to reduce the buildings in town. This ultimately will change where you buy items and interact with NPC. For example, you only need to go to the Boutique to purchase clothing and accessories.

  • UI Changes for Shops Menu

UI Shop new

Because of the changes above, the UI needs to adapt and complement the changes.

  • Optimized Item Catalogues and Prices


This means the list of items, like furniture, clothing, etc., is changed. Some of your things might be deleted. But don’t worry, we will provide compensations!


So what do you think? Summer Town is still in work progress, so expect more changes in a future update.

See ya later in Summer Town!


Register here for early access*:


*if you’re already registered in version 1.0.8, you automatically eligible to play version 1.0.9. So you don’t need to register again. And if you’re already played version 1.0.8, Why don’t you leave feedback:

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