Early Access Reward Announcement

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Hi Everyone! 

First of All, we would like to thank all of you who have participated in the Summer Town Early Access Program and gave us valuable feedback. Because of your support, we’re excited to announce that Summer Town is almost ready to move on to the next step; Google Play Store Pre-Registration Program!

As a form of appreciation for all of you who have played the game early, we want to give some in-game rewards of 500 Gems & 10000 Shells to spend after the game is officially released.

Also, you’re eligible to claim Pre-Registration Rewards! How cool is that!

Terms and condition:

  1. Early Access Reward offer will only be valid to users who installed the early access version of Summer Town on Google Play.
  2. Reward can only be claimed once per every Google Play Games Account.
  3. Early Access Reward will be delivered when the user has installed the released version of the game.
  4. To claim the rewards, Users will need to install or update Summer Town Early Access to the latest built (1.0.16) via Google Play Store, and open the app while connected to the internet at least once. Make sure the game automatically logs the user in to their Google Play Games Account at start, when playing the updated built.
  5. Users will need to opt out of the testing program and uninstall the early access/ beta version before reinstalling to the released built. 
  6. Users must verify that the Google Play Games account logged in on the released version is the same Google Play Games account registered in the early access version 1.0.16 to be eligible to claim rewards.
  7. To Join Pre-Registration, early access/ beta users need to uninstall the early access version, opt out of the testing program, and register to the Summer Town pre-registration program on Google Play Store.
  8. Offer valid in the countries where the developer distributes the game via Google Play Store.
  9. Offer will not be valid through third-party websites or apps.

Once again, thanks to everyone for your support! See ya in the released version!

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